Is Silver a Good Investment?

Is silver a good investment right now? The fact is precious metals are always valuable but when the economy is down and has dragged the U.S. dollar with it, the value of silver increases. In general, precious metals have steadily increased in value over the past 10 years, especially the last few years when there has been so much worry about the US economy.

Silver is notable because, even though it has recently seen a 10 year high, the prices are still at an affordable level for most people, novice and seasoned investors alike. At Canadian Silver Dollars we can show you that you don’t have to be an investment guru or hold a degree in metallurgy to reap the rewards of investing in silver.

Investing in Silver

Historically silver’s value has fluctuated hitting extreme highs and lows, making it seem less stable than other metals. When asking yourself the question, “Is silver a good investment?” you have to take a look at the issues that are creating a demand for silver and giving it more stability in the 21st century. Silver is widely used in manufacturing products from everyday items to  spacecraft used by NASA. Silver goes into making:

  • cars
  • dining utensils
  • batteries
  • electronics

And the increased interest in green energy has also increased silver’s demand and value as it is used in water purifiers and to make reflectors for solar panels.


So is silver a good investment?

Well, you can invest in more than one form of silver, but here at Canadian Silver Dollars we’ve seen silver coins emerging as the preferred way to invest in this particular precious metal. From special minting to vintage coin collections, silver coins have proven to be worth far more than the value embossed upon them. People have taken to inspecting their change for dates prior to 1965 and coin dealers cannot keep silver coins of any era in stock. The frenzy to buy silver coins continues to strengthen the forecast for silver prices to reach $54 an ounce before 2013 is through.

So when someone asks, “Is silver a good investment?” we think answer is obvious — yes!

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